"In Greenville, SC, there is no doubt that the legacy of Shoeless Joe Jackson is safe at home. His home."

--Robert Thomas

We’re Just as Excited as You Are to See What’s Next For The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library

The purpose of a museum is to collect objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical importance, preserve them, research into them and present them to the public for education and enjoyment.

With that as our mission, it breaks our heart that The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library public building is TEMPORARILY closed. Please know, however, that we are alive and well and for the time being will be relaying information to you through our Web Site (www.ShoelessJoeJackson.org) and Face Book (www.facebook.com/ShoelessJoeJackson).

Due to the amazing growth in Greenville, our Museum building (yes, the entire building) will be moved about 150 yards down the street, to the corner of Field and Markley – where it will undergo some structural enhancements including the addition of a beautiful new Museum Store. This will allow the current store to be converted back into exhibit space for more Joe Jackson memorabilia.

The current site will be redeveloped into a new complex of fabulous rental apartments and retail stores and will be named 408 Jackson, commemorating Joe Jackson’s amazing .408 batting average in 1911 – still the Major League record for a rookie.

Our Museum’s address will remain 356 Field Street, representing Joe’s lifetime batting average, the 3rd highest batting average in Major League history.

As a not-for-profit institution, the SJJM is a great place to relive some of “America’s Pastime”. Baseball seems to have a special place in the hearts of so many. Combine that great game with a true legend and you really have something special.

How special is Joe Jackson? Last year The SJJM was voted the 8th best “Attraction for Sports Fans by Readers’ Choice Travel”. The Top 10 winners were as follows:

1. Pro Football Hall of Fame – Canton, OH
2. NegroLeagues Baseball Museum – Kansas City, MO
3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum – Indianapolis, IN
4. Field of Dreams Movie Site – Dyersville, IA
5. Kentucky Derby Museum – Louisville, KY
6. National Baseball Hall of Fame – Cooperstown, NY
7. U.S. Olympic Training Center – Colorado Springs, CO
8. Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum – Greenville, SC
9. NASCAR Hall of Fame – Charlotte, NC
10. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory – Louisville, KY

So, the popularity of Joe Jackson’s lore is proven and included in 2 of the top 10 sites, where no other single individual athlete is recognized, even once.

The Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum is located in the house where Joe lived and died.

Located at 356 Field Street, Greenville, SC   

Across from Fluor Field in downtown Greenville

The all-volunteer museum is a 501(c)(3) charity and is operated solely from donations and sales in the museum store and online at Joe's Store.  We are not a city, county or state facility.  Your tax-deductible donations to the non-profit museum are gratefully accepted. 

"We're Shoeless on a shoestring!"