Vintage Game Photos - 2011

The Shoeless Joes Team


The Georgia Peaches / Ty Cobb Museum Team



"Judge" Rex Darnell and Joes players Dan Wallach and Allison Jackson, Shoeless' great great grandniece

Joe Schmitz and Guy Christensen, White Sox fans who traveled down from Chicago

The smallest "Shoeless Joe"

"Judge" Rex Darnell umping the game and holding court

Post-game handshakes at sunny and beautiful Shoeless Joe Jackson Park

Shoeless Joe Museum President Arlene Marcley presents the visiting Georgia Peaches a special gift

Joes Coach Mike Miller presenting players and Museum volunteers with a vintage Joe & Ty Baseball card

Thanks to the Georgia Peaches for a fun day of baseball!

       Photos courtesy of Sharri Hobbs, Dan Roberts, and Karen Smith

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