Vintage Game - 2012

The 4th annual Vintage Baseball Doubleheader between fans of the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum in Greenville, SC and the Ty Cobb Museum in Royston,GA was held Saturday, September 8, 2012, at Cobb Field in Royston.

The host Ty Cobb team treated Shoeless Joe players and fans to fun rides to the ball field  in a horse-drawn carriage and a char-grilled cookout lunch between games of the doubleheader.

1860s rules and terminology were enforced by the "judge, including no gloves, no cleats, and no helmets.  With catches on first bounce counting as outs and no walks, the emphasis of these vintage games is on hitting, base-running, and defense.

The host "Georgia Peaches" were all about baseball on the field though as they avenged the Joe's 4-game winning streak across the past two years with a comeback 4-2 win over the Joes in the first game and mounted a 6-0 lead in the second before a downpour ended the on-field festivities in the 2nd inning.  

The Joes journeyed down to Royston with a big 24-player roster.  Nineteen of our players were returnees from our previous years' teams, and we batted the full roster and rotated all players thru a variety of positions on defense each inning.  

The Peaches were coming off an excellent recruiting year with a small but strong young roster, including several Emmanuel College players fresh off their NCCAA National Championship Final-4 run.   The "Venezuela-Miami-Royston" long-ball connection in the heart of the Ty Cobb-ers line-up and their up-the-middle defense proved a tough challenge, netting all their team's runs in their 4-2 opening game win after the Joe's had built an early 2-1 advantage on small-ball and sparkling defense.  Huzzahs to our Joes outfielders as they made many great catches under the oak trees ringing the outfield. 

Thanks to players, fans, sponsors and volunteers of both museums in making this 4th Vintage Game event between the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and the Ty Cobb Museum a fun time despite the rain!   And thanks to the Ty Cobb Museum for the unique "Ty Cobblehead Trophy" and the Ty Cobb ink pens!   

These games are an annual tradition and we invite everyone to join us in Greenville next year for the 2013 edition of this classic.   Please check back here later for news on the 2013 games.



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